2015 “The V-ELMS Program definitely allowed Shaquira to become better with her academic skills.”

2015 She went through 3 consecutive years with the V-ELMS program at her school middle school – M.S.113.

2017 She was one of four to win a $500.00 college scholarship placed in a V-ELMS Custodial Bank account. She was accepted at her number one choice of New York City High Schools for medical studies.

2018 Shaquira completed her first year in high school as an honor student.

2020 Shaquira became an American citizen from Jamaica in 2018.

2021 She has been accepted to Felician University for nursing in New Jersey.



2016  “Mentoring with V-ELMS was an extremely rewarding experience. The program provides the opportunity for personal time with our mentees and also allows us a way to stay connected with the youth electronically throughout the school year.  V-ELMS, as an organization, strives to create innovative and age-appropriate curriculum, which fosters close bonds between mentors and mentees. Above all else, I was happy to serve such a creative program. I would even attend events when my presence was not required because I knew the presenters would be a treat. I not only helped youth, but I learned as well!  This is an extraordinary program that I look forward to supporting in the future.”


Mentor, Nutritionist

2017  “My biggest fear before starting V-ELMS was getting distracted of doing my best in class. My fear didn’t really come true instead my grades went up! My specific favorite part of

V-ELMS is the trips because I get to experience new stuff. If I were to recommend V-ELMS to my friend, I would say we get to go on trips and get snacks. I’ve benefited from V-ELMS academically, and the comfort of participating in conversations with my opinions.

“One more thing about V-ELMS – it’s fun! We get to speak and let our ideas flow.”

2021 Chelsea is a sophomore in high school.



2019  “V-ELMS is an amazing model to redirect the direction of these children’s lives.  It’s fulfilling; gives me purpose and I’m witnessing the change in these children. I’m so glad to be a part of this program.”


Tutor, Retired Film Writer

Kyla & Dezire

2017 “I loved coming to V-ELMS after school. My mentor, Kyla, was so smart and kind, and I found myself comfortable enough to speak my opinion. It was accepted and sometimes praised. V-ELMS helped with my getting my grades up by studying, especially my math grades.

2018 “With my Mother when I was in 2nd, 3rd, and part of 4th grades we were homeless. I didn’t get the fundamentals of math. Ms. Linda and Dr. Truitt created the safe environment for me to reveal my deficiencies. With their intervention and a fellow V-ELMER, I was tutored to elevate my understanding and then got good grades in math.

2019 “V-ELMS has provided me with great developmental stages these past three years.  It’s made me understand my emotions, expanded my education, and helped me focus on my future goals. I have become a better person largely impacted by V-ELMS. By my writing an essay, I received a $1,000.00 scholarship for Black Girls who overcome difficult circumstances.”

2021 Dezire is now a sophomore in high school.



2015  “The V-ELMS program has been a game changing experience for our middle school participants. I’ve seen the V-ELMERS become more respectful, more academically motivated and more verbal. This unique model gives the children needed skills to achieve and feel good about themselves.



2018 “My favorite part of V-ELMS is the WORKSHOPS because I get to spend time with my mentor. I like that I now speak out and ask and answer questions. V-ELMS has made me a better student. And it is fun!”



2018 “Doing the S.T.E.M. projects at the WORKSHOPS with my mentor Molly was the best. I would recommend V-ELMS to my friends. You meet new friends, go to new places and learn about new cultures.”



2018  “My biggest fear before I started V-ELMS was that I thought the program was opened only to the smartest thinkers, but it was open to everyone, making me not feel different from anyone else. The Saturday Workshops with my mentor and learning new things about history was great. I’d say that V-ELMS’ program benefits you to be more socially and academically aware.”

I think V-ELMS has given me understanding specific events in history, developing Life-Skills, and generating more self-esteem. It’s been enlightening. They have given me clarity on how to treat others, and MYSELF. It’s given me a positive personal outlook. They’ve made me aware of what’s going on in the world, and how you should stay informed. V-ELMS also made me aware of how I should become involved with my community.”

“Being an obsequious member of this program, I have learned there is more in life than the chain and ball or the stop and go, there is an intermission. V-ELMS to me is the BREAK, the BREATH, the ENLIGHTMENT there is in life!”

2021 Devin is now a junior at Brooklyn Technical High School focusing on his main interest – Engineering.



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