“V-ELMS inspires children to dream, believe and build their future.”

Our Goals

V-ELMS achieves its GOALS through our proprietary Character Development curricula.  V-ELMS technology creates a more accessible means for the busy mentor to communicate with their mentee. These connections empower mentees with the skills and resources critical for personal, academic, and career success.

  • The V-ELMS model will enhance the educational, social, and emotional trajectories of the mentees.
  • V-ELMS assembles a core of mentors (volunteers) who are a pivotal part to help mentees achieve goals.
  • V-ELMS Learning Management System (LMS) initiates communication between the mentor-mentee teams.

2017 “I give y’all a 10 because Mrs. Francis, Ms. Linda and Dr. Truitt are the best people I’ve ever known and y’all play a good role model for us kids and you inspire me to be a better person.”

2018 “V-ELMS introduced me to meet new people that teach us about life. Our mentor, Tenasia escorted Chelsi and myself to Attorney Les Salmon’s Office. He had come to one of our sessions to talk about what is needed to become a lawyer”.



Our Model

The V-ELMS MODEL promotes partnerships between organizations and public schools with underserved youth to enter long-term one-on-one mentoring relationships with caring adults, to attend after-school tutorial sessions as a means to strengthen their skill sets and give them voice. The teams communicate virtually and write responses on V-ELMS proprietary curricula. College tutors assist during after-school sessions. Mandatory workshops, meet-ups, and trips engage and encourage the mentor-mentee relationship. Hands-on STEM projects foster growth and peak curiosity about their evolving future. The environment prioritizes V-ELMS five key VISION VALUES: TRUST, ENGAGE, SUPPORT, AWAKEN, INSPIRE.

2019 “When I first started V-ELMS I was upset because I had to do work. As I continued to come to V-ELMS I started to enjoy it! V-ELMS is a good place to go afterschool if you’re not doing good in school, you don’t feel good about yourself, or if you want to be successful in life. Also, I recommend that you to sign up for V-ELMS if you need that extra help, it’s free. Or, you want to do interesting things after school. V-ELMS exposed me to new things, and it helped me learn new things. I will definitely be coming back to V-ELMS for the next two years!”




 V-ELMS VISION is panoramic in its approach to the development of the whole BIPOC child: strengthening the mental, social, emotional, and physical well-being, as well as inclusion of the child’s family in the process to secure completely the future success for each mentee.

V-ELMS EXPANSION is to extend into public schools and other organizations that service BIPOC students.

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