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Our Story

At V-ELMS, we’re not just tutors—we’re mentors. As lifetime educators, we understand the importance of relationships in learning, and we’re dedicated to giving back.

Our founder, Brett Truitt, epitomizes this ideal. She Brett started V-ELMS while still teaching as a professor in 2007. Starting alone, she helped mentor college students as well as high school kids to reach their full potential, and prioritized fostering relationships with each student.

But over time, she realized that helping deserving students at a younger age would be more impactful. By targeting middle school kids, V-ELMS helps to get young students excited to learn—and carry this joy for education through high school and college.

All kids have the potential to shine. We just help them harness it by combining effective teaching strategies with strong, meaningful relationships. 

Now with a board of over a dozen committed educators  individuals and the help of dedicated volunteers and school partnerships, we reach 50 kids every year—and that number is growing. 

Interested in joining our team of mentors? Learn more about how to change the lives of kids here.

Our Values


  • TRUST – Overcome skepticism that youth have for adults.
  • ENGAGE – Excite youth to learn and matriculate through school.
  • SUPPORT – Add a support system for youth left behind by educational systems and society.
  • AWAKEN – Increase youth’s self-esteem as a learner and future leader.
  • INSPIRE – Instill ambition for youth to realize their goals are attainable.

Our Philosophy

“When the mentee’s academic level is assessed, their Multiple Intelligences (MI) are identified, and they are teamed up with a caring mentor with similar MI, barriers that caused difficulty for the mentee to achieve goals will be addressed. V-ELMS extended intervention services assist in minimizing social fractures within the mentee’s familial domain allowing growth and development at the forefront.”