V-ELMS – is a unique supplementary education model, functioning both in-person and remotely in two New York City middle schools. We follow our underserved BIPOC students from middle school into high school with our virtual V-ELMS Matriculation Highway Program (VMHP) curriculum and then guide them to apply to colleges when seniors, with our virtual V-ELMS Gateway Program (VGP).

Our Story

At V-ELMS, we’re not just tutors; we’re mentors with a passion for fostering meaningful relationships in education. Founded by Professor Brett Truitt in 2007, V-ELMS began with one mission: mentoring college and high school students to unlock their full potential through meaningful relationships. Starting with middle school students, we combine effective teaching strategies with mentorship to spark a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

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Our Values


Overcome skepticism that youth have for adults.


Excite youth to learn and matriculate through school.


A support system for youth left behind by educational systems and society.


Increase youth’s self-esteem as a learner and future leader.

Accelerate Education with V-ELMS

Kids we reach every year and it's growing


8th graders graduate on time



2015- 2018 “I signed up for after school sessions they had good snacks and interesting conversations. Kimathi, my mentor, encouraged and taught me all the things I didn’t know. V-ELMS helped me improve my grades, focusing on studies and teaching time management. I Graduated middle school as valedictorian, thanks to Dr. Truitt and V-ELMS for helping me achieve my goal.”

2019-2021 “I overcame my struggles in high school by using V-ELMS tools for        organization and time management. I’ve been accepted into three universities with scholarships, including a $98,000 offer from Hofstra University, as I consider pursuing a career in medicine.



2016“The best part of V-ELMS was meeting the mentors, the workshops and all the talk about history. V-ELMS helped me with my GRADES and my BEHAVIOR.”

2018 “My experience these past three years in the V-ELMS program have been good. It taught me about getting my grades up, about morals, and how to be a better person.”


“Being alone was my biggest fear before joining V-ELMS.

My favorite part is the conversations that we have”


“The discussions are my favorite part because I always learn something new from them. We cover certain topics that school doesn’t.”


Our Philosophy

“When the mentee’s academic level is assessed, their Multiple Intelligences (MI) are identified, and they are teamed up with a caring mentor with similar MI, barriers that caused difficulty for the mentee to achieve goals will be addressed. V-ELMS extended intervention services assist in minimizing social fractures within the mentee’s familial domain allowing growth and development at the forefront.”

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